3 business tips before launching your own brand.

Before I begin i just want to say, If you've ever thought of starting a business, be it food or clothes or makeup, this is the sign that you should start now.

Go make that instagram page now, then come back, ill wait for you!

So as you guys know, i've started Wearbums, A line of jeans and accessories for the perky and petite! Check us out HERE! (Since you're here, use my code "BLOG" for 15% off my jeans!

Just a disclaimer, all the information im sharing here, works for me and my brand and are also somethings i wished i did before i started!

So i started in August (officially selling) But i started sharing about it in JUNE. And that leads me to my first point.


1) Start creating socials & telling everyone about your brand 2 months in advance

And here's why!

  1. People get curious and will drop a follow to your page! You can also gauge how many people are interested in your products

  2. Brand awareness is very important and posting and interacting with your followers before you launch will make them develop a certain type of brand loyalty and make them want to support you.

  3. Showing behind the scenes and sneak peaks of products will make your customers feel more engaged and keeps you more authentic!

When i created a page, i had roughly 600 followers but on my launch date i had 4000. I grew 3400 followers in 2 months and i havent even launched!

What i wished i also did: TIKTOK! <<< click here as this was my video that BLEW UP

I wished i posted earlier and more things as well!

So learn from me and go do it!


2) Create a brand kit on CANVA to have a consistent brand colour and font on your IG page or website!

Pretty always sells but apart from making your page pretty, it will help you so much!

  1. Consistency in your branding makes a branding stronger and when people see a certain colour or font, they'll think of you! And that creates more brand loyalty

  2. In the future if you need to create any posts for giveaways or content, it takes 10 mins because all the material u need is already there! Save time = Save Manpower = Save Money

If you need tutorials, let me know and i'll post them on my instagram so u have to follow me there!

3) Just do it. Stop waiting for the best idea, stop thinking and start doing.

You can always change your products or make it better along the way but once you found one item that you're passionate about, go go go!

Here's a story, I wanted to launch in December, because i only had 3 jeans that i liked and i felt like i needed more designs and that took time to customise and make. But i met a friend, SHOUTOUT TO GABBY! who told me to stop giving excuses and just start! Your packaging can always get better as you go along and you can plan next products after you shoot your shot. But you can't improve or get better if you haven't even start!

Stop telling yourself anything negative and remember even a one product shop can make millions okay!

But one thing i wished i did: Prepared at least 5 launches before i start. But in all honestly, i didnt expect to grow that fast and sell out so im very thankful for ALLAH and to all of you for supporting me!


I hoped those business advices did help and you guys can head over to my instagram to see more content on business and makeup! (there's an 18 days makeup giveaway happening right now!)

You can also drop me an email or message to let me know if this content helped you and if you wanna know even more!



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